"A public relations genius -- that's how to best describe Ryan Nelson. Her media relations efforts garnered more media coverage of the opening of the new East Cooper Medical Center than we could have ever anticipated. She took the time to personally tour countless reporters through our facility, providing them each the opportunity to see the new hospital first hand. Additionally, she offered them detailed information and releases to ensure the ease of their reporting. Pre-opening coverage was only the beginning to the successes Ryan achieved for East Cooper; every news station in Charleston, as well as the local newspapers, reported live from our hospital on opening day -- a feet many public relations specialists may have never accomplished.

Ryan's media background provides her the experience to know exactly how and when to angle a pitch so it will entice the interest of reporters who are searching for a news-worthy story to tell their audience. In addition to extensive media coverage, Ryan has also successfully utilized public relations initiatives to increase attendance at our hospital's screenings and community events. The number of attendees for our events has more than doubled since we began utilizing her talents. Our investment in Ryan's expertise has certainly been a smart one."

-Carol Cottrell

Former Marketing Director, East Cooper Medical Center

Owner, Bostick + Cottrell Marketing Communications


“Ryan’s PR & marketing skills are top notch in the industry. She has the proven ability to effectively get the word out to the public which results in bringing many people to our store for events and to offsite events where we have had a shared interest.”

-Pam Fischette
Marketing Team Leader
Whole Foods Market of Mt. Pleasant

923 Houston Northcutt Boulevard
Mt Pleasant, South Carolina


"The best thing about working with Ryan Nelson is that once she’s been delegated with a project, it’s done. There is no need to follow up because she’s on top of each and every aspect of the assignment. Ryan has more than tripled the attendance of all of our community health talks and screenings at East Cooper Medical Center because of her public relations connections and ability. Ryan is a true asset to our team."

-Shirley Nilsen
Manager, Community Relations
East Cooper Medical Center


"Ryan is a true PR prodigy. Her PR and Marketing knowledge are second to none. Her connections and background really put your business where it needs to be. IN THE SPOTLIGHT. She is so thorough and insightful, it's almost like watching art form before your very eyes. She is one of, if not the most creative people I've ever dealt with. Her attention to detail is unmatched in any other PR firm we've worked with. You can guarantee that once you give Nelwater your vision and goals, she will accomplish them for you without you having to micro manage or "wonder" what she's up to. If you're ready for your business to reach the next level, hire Nelwater and watch the magic happen. She creates a buzz about your business so great that you'll want to check yourself out!"

-Laura Carson, Owner, Geeks in a Box


"It's always a pleasure brainstorming marketing ideas with Ryan. She is a natural when it comes to maximizing a message. She looks at every way possible to reach a target audience. Her background in media allows her to know exactly who her clients should pitch to and how the message should be conveyed. Ryan is instrumental in helping me develop my business plans and I look forward to her continued support for years to come."

-Cathy Harrison
Global Family Field Trip


"Ryan Nelson's combination of charisma and connections are the must have ingredients for taking your business to the next level. The exposure and energy she provides to every project puts you on the map, every time. She is the pulse in our community and the heartbeat of our Organization. Ryan Nelson is worth her weight in gold!"

-Leslie Moore
Warriors Wear Pink & Moore Make Up Experience


"She and her people know the Lowcountry better than anyone out there -and I'm not talking just Charleston. Ryan is a real force to be reckoned with she'll get you what you need, she'll be gracious about doing it and she'll quickly and effortlessly move on to the next task.I love working with Ryan!"

-Louis Yuhasz-Founder/CEO


“Ryan was a joy to work with! She always went above and beyond her call of duty. Ryan's work ethic reflected in her daily one-hour long television show. As a reporter, Ryan was excellent to work with and she knew what she wanted out of a story! It was a pleasure to work with Ryan.”

-Thomas Malphrus
Photojournalist, WCIV 4


“Ryan is a communications professional who knows how to handle herself with dignity. Often in live television, teleprompters die, directors/producers don't give cues on time, and last minute script and format changes are made. I've seen Ryan handle all three with humor, grace, and above all, professionalism, and she manages to do so in a way that's never apparent to those watching at home. She has extensive connections within the local community across all industries, including food and beverage, arts and entertainment and philanthropy, and she is also universally well-respected and well-liked across all industries. Ryan's also incredibly resourceful and not afraid to try new things. If she doesn't know how to do something, she is always keen to introduce you to someone who does. In short, Ryan Nelson is a pleasure to work with and all around great person to know.”

-Sandee Jackson
Assistant News Director, WCIV-TV, ABC News 4